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Men of Convenant | Recharge Christian Fellowship
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Men of Convenant

Men of Convenant

Men of Convenant

We are dedicated to helping men be the godly men God has called them to be. We are servants not slave-masters. Being a spiritual leader does not mean dominating your family.

A spiritual leader is there to serve your family and be a godly example to your wife and children.Our mission is to provide men with the resources to develop godly character, connect them to Christ, and equip them to influence the world for Christ!Men of Covenant meets monthly at Recharge Christian Fellowship Church.

Out of all the qualities a Man of Covenant must possess, the preeminent one is that “He must be above reproach. ” This does not mean he must be perfect, but he should have a good reputation. It takes time to build a good reputation.

To put it simply, it takes years to build a good reputation and only a moment to destroy one. And for those of you who feel challenged in this area, our God is the GOD OF A SECOND CHANCE! YOU CAN RECOVER! As Christian men we ought to strive to have a reputation fitting of a son of God. Therefore, let your YES be YES! and your NO be NO! Strive to be a man of your word, and live up to what you say! My dad used to say, “Your name or reputation will go farther than you will ever go.” In other words, your reputation precedes you.

We encourage men to come out and participate in an experience where we put our cards on the table and submit to the Word of God. Hope to see you soon as we grow in the Word of God as mature men.

Men of Covenant Bow Tie Sunday

Recently, the Men of Covenant Ministry of Recharge Christian Fellowship Church hosted BOW TIE SUNDAY! It was a great event with full participation of members and friends, from young to old! The event symbolized men being TIED to the heart of God, and UNIFIED under ONE covenant. The Men of Covenant Ministry is focused on men moving forward, knowing their purpose for living, developing quality relationship values, and understanding how to be an effective leader of their families. The Men of Covenant Ministry is under the direction of Apostle David Ned, Pastor.